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自从我们开始提供加热和冷却服务以来,我们的 12bet维修公司 has developed a focus on residential and light commercial HVAC system replacements in the greater Wichita, KS, 地区. At 布莱恩供暖和12bet公司 we understand when systems need to be replaced and can help you choose the best system for your home or business’ unique heating and cooling needs. We have provided heating and cooling services in Kansas for over 30 years, 今天,仍然, 我们的客户仍然是我们的第一大客户. 优先级1. That is why we strive to provide quality and reliable services for both commercial and residential systems. Our technicians receive continual training for the most up-to-date heating system techniques and can handle any HVAC system need, 白天还是晚上.


加热 and AC units are sturdy appliances that are built to last. 然而, 由于缺乏专业的12bet或及时的维修, an HVAC system can fail to function effectively — or even fail completely — sooner than expected. 而 12bet维修 services can often restore function to a unit, some issues are best solved with a system replacement. Here are a few signs that your HVAC system may require replacement.

  • 缺少冷或热空气
  • 奇怪的或挥之不去的气味
  • 不寻常或过度的噪音
  • 漏水或积水
  • 糟糕的空气流
  • 异常高的水电费


Today’s systems are more efficient than older heating and AC units — saving on energy and operating costs. 在当前购买新系统的税收优惠政策下, 系统替换在很多方面都是一个明智的选择. Our skilled technicians will proudly replace any type of HVAC system and will work with you to find the right system for your needs. 我们提供令人惊叹的 暖通12bet产品 line, including Rheem, White-Rodgers, Trion, UV Aire and much more. Contact us today to find out more information about the HVAC systems we offer or to schedule system replacement services! The following tips include what to look for when choosing a new heating and cooling system for your home or business.


当谈到HVAC系统额定值时, 评级越高, the more efficient the system will be — similar to miles per gallon in cars. There are three efficiency ratings to note when searching for a new heating and cooling unit: Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency, 季节能源效率比, 和供暖季节性能因素.


HSPF is the rating used to assess the heating efficiency of heat pumps. Heat pumps work by converting the difference between the outdoor air and indoor air to cool or heat an indoor space. 而 heat pumps are similar to ACs, heat pumps can both heat in the winter and cool in the summer. The higher the HSPF rating, the cheaper monthly utility bills will be. 新热泵的最低额定值约为8, 而最高效的系统的HSPF值为13.


AFUE is the standard measure of efficiency in gas furnaces and oil furnaces. 例如, 如果炉子的AFUE值达到80%, 80%的燃料或石油用于家庭或企业供暖, 而剩下的20%则通过烟道排出. Most modern gas and oil furnaces have a minimum AFUE rating of about 78 percent, while the most efficient heating systems rate up to nearly 99 percent.


SEER is the common measure of efficiency in air conditioners and heat pumps. This rating provides information about the amount of energy the system uses. SEER评分越高, 系统将使用更少的能量, 提高效率, 对地球的影响更小, 降低水电费. The highest SEER rating available is SEER 30, while the lowest is SEER 13.


The load calculation is what HVAC technicians use to determine the perfect size of your home or business’ HVAC system. Load calculation takes into account a number of different factors to finalize the correct size heating and cooling system, including: the square footage of the indoor space; appliances in the space that generate heat; the structure’s foundation; the type of roof atop the home or business; the sizes and locations of doors and windows; and the overall air loss the indoor space experiences.

Proper load calculation is important because any indoor space requires the right size system for effective heating and cooling. An AC unit that is too small for a home or business won’t be able to adequately cool the indoor space. Similarly, a too-small furnace can’t produce enough heat to warm the indoors. HVAC units that are too large for an indoor space fail to provide even heating to different rooms and regulate moisture levels while cooling. For more information on load circulation or to speak with an expert technician about our custom duct fabrication, 今天12bet!


  • 根据我的室内空间大小,我需要什么尺寸系统?
  • 什么类型的暖通12bet系统可以为本地公司服务?
  • HVAC系统的成本是多少?
  • 我应该在哪里买暖通12bet系统?
  • 我对这个单位有任何效率等级的要求吗?
  • 最常见的暖通12bet系统类型是什么?
  • 市场上最好的暖通12bet系统是什么?
  • 我的预算是多少??
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For Furnace service in Wichita KS, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Furnace repair service provided in Valley Center KS.
We accept cash for Ductwork Fabrication repair service provided in Andover KS.
For Furnace service in Andover KS, we accept most major credit cards.
We accept check for Ductwork Fabrication repair service provided in Wichita KS.
We accept cash for Furnace repair service provided in Valley Center KS.
We accept all major credit cards, cash, and personal or business checks. 我们也提供融资选择.
We also offer financing from Synchrony Bank for your Furnace repair in Wichita KS.
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